Pressmaterials:   glass  fiber  filled  pressmaterial   (DSV)  and  granulated  glass   fiber  filled  pressmaterial   (GSP)  are

manufactured of glass filament yarns impregnated with polymeric phenol-formaldehyde binder.

DSV  and  GSP  materials  are designed  for manufacturing of structural and electrical parts  by  direct  and  injection

molding.  Products  made  of  these  materials  are  suitable  for  operation  at  temperatures  from  -196°C  to  +200°C

and in tropical climates.

Depending  on  the   number   of   ends   and   the   nominal   total   linear   density  (tex)   of   yarns,   there   are  several

types of pressmaterials:

Depending on the length of granules, these materials have the following identification:

L - nominal length of granules 6 mm;

О - nominal length of granules 10 mm;

P - nominal length of the granules 18 mm or 20 mm.

Unlike DSV pressmaterials, GSP materials have higher bulk weight.

Advantages: high mechanical and electric-insulation properties, sufficient heat resistance and resistance to many chemically aggressive environments, good rheological properties and being well-dosed provide wide range of application DSV and GSP materials.

Application: products of DSV and GSP materials are widely used in radio engineering, electrical engineering, aircraft industry, machine building, instrument-making, and chemical branches of industry.

AG-4 pressmaterials are manufactured on the base glass filament yarns impregnated with modified phenol-formaldehyde binder.


AG-4 pressmaterials are designed for manufacturing of structural and electrical parts by direct and injection molding

as well as winding followed by curing thereof.

The products made of these materials are  suitable  for  operation  at  temperatures  from  -196°C  to  +200°C  and  in

tropical climates.

These pressmaterials are produced as a web material:

AG-4S - on the basis of twisted glass filament yarn

AG-4NS - on the basis of glass filament yarn

Pressmaterial AG-4V-10-4,5 is manufactured under TU U 20.1-36221647-006:2013 by co-extrusion of phenol-formaldehyde resin, glass-filler and, modifying additives.

This material is available in the form of a powder, granules of irregular cylindrical shape and their mixture. The length of the granules is from 2 mm to 5 mm. The cross-section of granules is from 5 mm to 10 mm.

AG-4V-10-4,5 is designed for manufacturing (by direct and injection molding) parts of engineering and electrical application, suitable for operation in the temperature range from -196°С to +200°С and in tropical climates.

Physical and mechanical properties of pressmaterial AG-4V-10-4,5:

Advantages: volumetric and automatic dosing can be applied when processing AG-4V-10-4,5 into ready products

Application: products made of these pressmaterials are used in radio engineering, electrical engineering, machine building, instrument-making, and chemical branches of industry.