Non-woven glass tissue (veil) is non-woven web material of randomly distributed glass fibers reinforced with longitudinally glass yarns (or without them) and bonded with a binder. It finds wide application in carrying out indoor and outdoor construction works.

XCH tissue finds its application as:

- Base material for roofing and waterproofing membranes;

- Laminate tissue for glass wool and mineral wool panels;

- Surface tissue in the production of polymer foams and in manufacturing:

- Tanks and boatbuilding

- Gypsum boards

- Air filters and electronic printed circuit boards.


ХСН tissue with nominal mass (1 m2) from 30 to 50 grams is used as paintable non-woven tissue.

Paintable non-woven tissue is a decorative and at the same time reinforcing material for surface finishing that provides an ideal coating for the premises where the combination of aesthetic appearance and reinforcing effect, durability and simplicity in maintenance, and compliance with fire safety requirements are considered necessary.


Physical and mechanical characteristics of non-woven glass fiber tissue:

Hydro- and heat insulating tissue (XGTO) is designed for laminating of heat-insulation panels and mats, for insulation pipes and the equipment located indoors, outdoors, in channels, as well as for foundation seals of buildings and structures.

XGTO tissue is obtained when manufacturing non-woven tissue XCH and it has nominal mass (1 m2) from 40 ± 10 g to 130 ± 20 g.

Physical and mechanical characteristics of non-woven glass fiber tissue:

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