​Scientific-Production Association "Severodonetsky Stekloplastic" Ltd. is an innovative company that meets the needs of customers in Ukraine, Europe, and all over the world in composite products, which are widely used in construction, power industry, agriculture, transport industry, and other sectors of the economy.

 Through our activities, we are changing the consumer perception of the possibilities of using composites, opening up new areas of application for fiberglass reinforced plastic products. 

Our reputation as a reliable partner is supported by high professional skills and rich experience of our staff, as well as the presence of organizational and resource base that makes it possible to manufacture products according to the unique requirements of consumers, qualitatively, on time, with proper process support.  


We develop our company, relying on continuous improvement in the field of products, technologies, and equipment used, as well as on increasing the efficiency of our activities at all organizational levels, together with studying and introducing the experience of world leaders in the composite industry.


We don’t want to shout from the housetops that we are the most reliable company in the world and our employees are so friendly that they almost live under one roof.


We know for sure that a modern international company cannot be unreliable, so we cannot afford delays in deliveries and supply unverified and untested products.


We are fully aware that an international company cannot be ineffective, so we do not reply “we will try to do it”, we know exactly the results we'll get after a certain period of time.


We are well aware of the fact that an international company cannot be irresponsible, so we fulfill all undertaken duties timely and in full. Besides, we do not have irresponsible stuff members.


Finally, we 100% believe that without the mutual respect of our employees, we would never have become a reliable, innovative, efficient, and responsible company operating internationally.


Our values -  it's our company, each of us - it's our company, our customers - it's our company, and we really appreciate it.