We are engaged in the production of fiberglass composite products, which are widely used in industry. The areas of use of our products in this industry are practically unlimited:


  • Manufacturing enterprises use fiberglass enclosing structures that practically do not require maintenance costs, fully paying back their price, and are often performed in a bright signal yellow color.

  • Fiberglass made using polyester resins is resistant to aggressive environments, which means that it can replace steel pipelines, drains and floorings in rooms with aggressive environments.

  • In the food and agricultural industries, fiberglass profiles are used as structural elements for agricultural buildings, dairy and meat plants, canneries, fish processing plants and animal holding areas.


Fiberglass parts are not only capable of replacing metal parts - they can be used even where metal is not used. This is confirmed by positive reviews from our customers, who decided to replace fiberglass with metal, and did not regret it.


GFRP in industry